Google pulls browser extensions after complaints

Google pulls browser extensions after complaints
SAN FRANCISCO – Google pulled two extensions that were available for its popular Chrome web browser after complaints about the software showing unwanted ads. The extensions, Add to Feedly and Tweet this Page, were updated to add new software that …
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Conventional wisdom watch: Apple is doomed. Google is forever.
FORTUNE — There's been a lot of commentary — good and bad — in the week since Google (GOOG) made its $ 3.2 billion bid for Tony Fadell's Nest Labs. Fadell was best known, before he moved into WiFi-connected appliances, for running Apple's (AAPL) …
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New benchmarks raise doubt over D-Wave's 'quantum computer,' but Google is
Last year, Google announced that it would be working with NASA to deploy a D-Wave system, and the team has just published an updated set of benchmark data and test results. There's some extremely interesting data here and the report is written in a …
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