Google Puzzle Solved – 66th Anniversary Roswell UFO Edition

Google Puzzle Solved – 66th Anniversary Roswell UFO – Google Easter Egg 7/8/2013 …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Google Puzzle Solved – 66th Anniversary Roswell UFO Edition

  1. BinjayMister says:

    reported for being too young.

  2. Cleo Madra says:

    I could not figure this out! Your awsome

  3. Binh TC Nguyen says:

    cute alien

  4. ReligiousCat says:

    Anyone know how to unlock the door?

  5. XSourStarX says:

    Thanks for this video I saw this but didn’t feel like playing lolz!

  6. cole kruper says:

    There is also a few other ways to do it.

  7. Samuel obasanya says:

    Just love google :) lol fun game too

  8. UnknownZerggling says:

    i passed the game in 5 minutes. it was so easy. and im only 10

  9. THEFIREBIRD1000 says:

    To get the middle part down I just pressed the doorbell a thousand times and the dude dropped it.

  10. TheLionWitchWardrobe says:

    How do you open the locked door?

  11. Neon Light says:

    I played it earlier and I actually had fun playing it. Easy fun simple game! I hope google does more.

  12. Thebestnotes says:

    I see something weird today Go outside and watch to the sky And tell me you see something Not normal Be outside Like Five minutes’

  13. Erik Ibarra says:

    You could also ring the doorbell a few times an the person drops the ufo piece its faster then growing the plants

  14. MrGoosoodude says:

    I beat the Google puzzle. My life is complete…

  15. yanaky01 says:

    1 first and I don’t give a fuck if u you wher first

  16. TheArcticKitten says:

    lol the chicken

  17. HaSsaD aChraF says:

    That’s cool lol

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