Google Ranking Factors-How To Get Your Website On The First Page Of Google Ranking Factors-The Only Two Google Ranking Factors …
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  1. Peter Latoch says:

    yeaaa let’s take advice from someone who can barely afford a proper white board LOL and doesn’t even have a functioning website LOL… NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  2. Kanchana Ranasinghe says:

    My Q’n is, if back links are from the same company FB or Linked In, would they count? Thanks 

  3. May Plumb says:

    Thanks very much mate, ill be looking at a few more of your clips, thank you

  4. Guess who's balyhoosing says:

    Hopefully these are still good for 2014.

  5. Kingam says:

    If anyone is interested in getting your videos to the first page of google AND youtube feel free to inbox me!

  6. Anand Sharma says:

    Best Packers company.Thanks

  7. Zack Craig says:

    your link is suspended? can you do everything you are talking about for me

  8. Daniella Marín says:

    Very useful and simplified!

  9. Zack Rashid says:

    nice explanation! 

  10. gene scott says:

    great info, thanks. 

  11. Amal Biswas says:

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  12. Jason Lepard says:

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  13. ATANKU says:

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