Google Ranking Secrets | Google ranking secrets are closely-kept by Google, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do some pretty simple things with our videos t…
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  1. ian peterian peter guanzon says:


  2. Steven Washer says:

    Thanks! I tried to make it so that it wouldn’t “expire” in a few weeks, SEO being such a moving target…

  3. Spook SEO says:

    If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. There’s no secret and no one can guarantee a page 1 search ranking unless they know how Google’s algorithms work. We don’t really know how because if we did, almost everyone will be really rich by now. Your video is very spot-on, straightforward, and easy to understand. Great job, sir!

  4. Chris Paulus says:

    Loved this video .. Heading to your website

  5. SEOCrossing says:

    As invariably i really like your simple means of explaining a way to use video. i’m still learning plenty from the categories I actually have taken from you.

  6. bonzieray says:

    @bftfuqh I’m making $900 and day and still going strong. The most important thing is finding the right niche, a hot niche that wants to buy. Check this if you wana learn how ->

  7. Steven Washer says:

    Well, sometimes we over-complicate things. I’m just happy it works :)

  8. Steven Washer says:

    Thanks, Susan. I’m glad the overflow wasn’t a hangover!

  9. Susan Gregg says:

    As always I love your easy way of explaining how to use video. I am still learning a lot from the classes I have taken from you. Thanks Steve

  10. Steven Washer says:

    Sorry about that. Gotta get that fixed! Here’s the link:

  11. Jade BellyDance says:

    Thank you for a great video. The link in the vid didn’t work for me though.

  12. videopappy37 says:

    Great straight forward explanation :)

  13. Jarrod Bell says:

    Excellent, Thank you

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