Google Ranking Update: 200 Reasons Why Your Website is Not Ranking on Google or Google+ Local, Reports Glasgow Marketing Consultants Maya Mendoza and David Boyes

(PRWEB) August 28, 2013

The reason that small businesses need help when it comes to being seen online on Google is because Google is notorious for keeping secret the recipe it uses to rank websites. However, the search engine has now admitted that it uses a minimum 200 ranking signals in its algorithm, which offers companies a valuable insight into what is required to establish and grow a presence across the web.

Businesses in Glasgow, Scotland, neednt look far for information on the correct way to rank their websites on Google. Internet marketing experts David Boyes and Maya Mendoza ask the key question: are you really getting the full story? And does the mainstream media provide any clues? The answer to both questions is no.

Google keeps its ranking algorithms close to its chest because it wants to deliver the best search results to its customers. The benefit to business is that their information will highlighted at the expense of spammy sales pages.

But corporate marketing messages can be lost or damaged as a result of Googles almost religious fervour to retain control over the consumer Internet experience. Furthermore, if companies dont understand the SEO codings and criteria, they will not be seen at all, despite their best efforts and intentions.

Among the 200 SEO ranking secrets that have been gleaned by many marketers (scrupulous and unscrupulous) across the world are:

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