Google, Relevance And Video

Google, Relevance And Video
Ever wonder how big web video has become? Well Comscore's July numbers show that 186.9 million Americans watched online content videos in the month of June 2014. Google Google ranked #1 with 153,328 billion viewers. A very long time ago, in what …
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Google broadens its malware sleuthing to sniff out deceptive downloads
Google is expanding its safe browsing technology to notify Web users of downloads that appear benign, but actually make unwanted changes to their computers. Starting next week, the company's safe browsing service will identify more types of deceptive …
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Google's anti-aging health-tech spinoff, Calico, now has a website
It was almost a year ago that Google announced a health-tech spinoff with the ambitious goal of studying the aging process to extend human life. The company, dubbed Calico, has been in stealth mode ever since. But now, at least, it has a website. The …
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