Google Science Fair 2012: How can robots aid scientific research ? ( with LEGO)

Scientists from Cambridge University talk about using LEGO MINDSTORMS to aid their research. Daniel will also be joining the Google Science Fair ( in a Hangout on Air Wednesday 14th March, 11:00EST, 15:00UK, 17:00 Cape Town, to share with you his experience creating robotics. Add Google Science Fair to your G+ circle today to get updated info.
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18 Responses to Google Science Fair 2012: How can robots aid scientific research ? ( with LEGO)

  1. Milad Heidary says:

    i love google . SEriously i love it .

  2. klipeto says:

    I don’t want to be rude but what’s so special about this? It’s just a crane. I was expecting something more cool, Google.

  3. Peddobjoernen says:

    Hello, my name is Doctor Strange.

  4. ChapMath says:

    The should be read with the Journal article, ‘Acta Biomater. 2011 Oct;7(10):3586-94. Epub 2011 Jun 21. ‘Biomimetic bone-like composites fabricated th’

  5. bunk2243 says:

    This is pro botting.

  6. ShowTime4232 says:

    So kid who play this are smart? 😀

  7. humanistsean says:

    Once again I find myself cringing at the lack of meaningful comments on a high caliber youtube video such as this one. I mean, this is a serious leap forward, yet all people can do is make flippant remarks about LEGO’s and Dr. Strangelove.

  8. Alexandra Kearney says:

    NXT <3 win.

  9. Yago Alves says:

    quem ta aki pelo tecnomundo da joinha

  10. starivincek says:

    FY chemistry and LEGO just rock! my parents always say its just a piece of plastic or throwing money away, but look at this hahaha lol

  11. MrQuincle says:

    Cool. We use Lego all the time too. For example for testing our fire detection algorithms on a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) it is nice to have a barbecue and some Mindstorms skills to create a moving platform, tho it doesn’t fly of course. :-) I hope the next BIG thing of Lego 1.) can use my smartphone as brain (and not only via bluetooth), 2.) actually flies, or 3.) can go underwater. And in that order. :-)

  12. mahchymk93 says:

    So one might say, without LEGO we would be BONED????

  13. RELLlK says:

    “Without your bones you’d be a pile goo lying on the floor” Third grade all over again.

  14. cloud811 says:

    kid!? WHAT. IM 23 MAN

  15. konanuk says:

    lol Doctor Strangelove

  16. konanuk says:

    *mind blown*

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