Google Search Engine Results Shake Up Causes Businesses To Increase Adwords Advertising Spend,Survey Reveals

Brisbane,Queensland,Australia (PRWEB) August 28, 2012

In a Survey released this month by InternetRetailer.com,63% of businesses surveyed said that their Google Organic rankings had seen a substantial change in 2012, altering the traffic fundamentally to their website. Of those 63%,the majority had suffered substantial traffic decline due to recent algorithymic changes. The Penguin and Panda multiple updates have shaken up Google rankings across the board and whilst some websites have lost some traffic here but gained some there, there seem to be a lot of losers from the Google Organic shake up.

A further trend resulting from the survey was that 51% of the businesses would be increasing their spend on Google adwords advertising,presumably the desired outcome from Google’s algorithm shake up. Zenya a major SEM service provider claims that the figure amongst their clients is nearer 100%. Either way Adwords is likely to see another substantial year of growth as a result of organic rankings dramas.

David Twigg of Australian Online Marketing Specialists OMC says “The jury is out as to whether the organic results are better or worse in 2012, my own personal experience has been many searches have not changec others have for the worse and others for the better. However the shifting sands have certainly created a lot more market opportunity for search engines to build their customer base. There have been many stories of companies rolling out substantial adwords budgets overnight because their organic traffic has plummeted due to algo changes and others of clients deciding that investing in proper Adwords campaign management rather than relying on free traffic is the most prudent way forward.”

In Australia Google is reported to hold a 94% market share of search traffic however in the USA

Google’s main competitor Bing has a market share of around 30% according to Experian. Bing’s

ppc advertising platform Adcenter is apparently seeing substantial growth this year as Bing’s 3rd year of operation starts to generate some momentum. This trend is very US-centric though according to Twigg,”Google have a totally dominant position here in Australia,Bing have so little market share over here that even if they grew that by say 20% per annum it would take them a decade to obtain a meaningful slice of the market that made Australian businesses need to run campaigns with both platforms.That’s not to say that Bing’s platform doesn’t offer value but to any scalable degree it is unlikely to contribute much to an Australian company’s bottom line. On Adwords Twigg reports “Our clients are building and growing businesses using the Google adwords advertising platform. The precision targeting of eyeballs allows companies in many niches to generate most of their leads through Google if their campaigns are setup correctly, managed correctly and fully supported with the range of analytical technology that 2012 offers.I’m sure in the early days of TV advertising companies had the same opportunities but i’d be surprised if such a marketing goldmine has been available since then until Adwords really came of age in the last 2 years.”

According to Netmarketshare.com,Google have an 83% worldwide market share of search engine traffic, which not surprisingly rises to 95% amongst people who use the Google browser, Chrome.The potential exposure worldwide using the Google adwords platform is quite astounding.

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