Google Search Privacy: Plain and Simple

In the first in a series of short, informative videos on privacy, Google talks about what information we collect when you use our search engine and the steps…
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22 Responses to Google Search Privacy: Plain and Simple

  1. dickwillylou says:

    George orwells got a hard on

  2. Valmik Dighe says:


  3. elang sahara says:

    elang sahara yup,,,ok produktif

  4. Ian Knight says:

    This is more fun than shoogting a barrell full of sticks.

  5. mrfnk says:

    To make things worse, my new phone synced all my google information. and instantly all that rubish popped up on my phone! So now all she has to do is say, “let me see your phone so i can see what movies are playing tonight” and as soon as she goes to google search all that pops up again! And You can’t say NO! At least in my phone I can give fake male name to all the females I talk to, so when she goes snooping I don’t get the third degree on those numbers!

  6. mrfnk says:

    so when my wife looks to see what I’m doing on the computer, google tells her all the porn searches i made?

  7. nrviognjiocfmbkirdom says:

    Google Search Privacy: There is none. Plain and Simple.

  8. achmad azhary says:


  9. haji ahmad bijuri says:

    buatan terjemahan googe search

  10. Sudarjono Sukoreno says:

    very interesting, thanks

  11. Sudarjono Sukoreno says:


  12. Yacoubi Mohamed says:

    bon courrage ! 

  13. esmail741 says:


  14. Howtolostweightfast says:

    keep improved google… Thanks :)

  15. Howtolostweightfast says:

    thanks for this information google :)

  16. Ghea Ast says:

    Kamsahamnida google :)

  17. Frank Th. Woodmann Ing. says:

    Perfecte uitleg

  18. Виктор Крюков says:

    Речь ведущей не была переведена на русский язык. Поэтому мне этот видеоролик не понравился.

  19. leidypasaca says:


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