Google Search turns 15

Google Search turned 15 and we hosted a small celebration at the actual garage where it all got started. Take a look at how far we’ve come and what we’re pla…
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22 thoughts on “Google Search turns 15

  1. How long before google becomes sentient? I could see it happening even within this lifetime. By the time the hardware is invented, if it isnt already, google will probably be well on the way of developing its behavior and instincts.

  2. I OPENLY REJECT ALL THE TERMS OF SERVICE, AGREEMENTS AND CONDITIONS WHICH CONTRADICT ISLAM AND THE SHARIA IN ALL OF GOOGLE’S PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. PLEASE INFORM GOOGLE. don’t accept any rule which is opposite to my Islamic faith in the google products license agreements. I accept only the judge of Allah not the secular courts. In any dispute the only authority is Allah and his Rasul not the courts of kufr.

  3. 13:00 Ohhh.. I’m sorry.. but Google Glass isn’t going to take off like iWatch will. I say this as a user of both Google and Apple and think Google is the most impressive company by far (it’s so young).

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