Google Secrets You Need To See

Google Secrets You Need To See

How to make Google into a video game. Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post to Twitter: http:…
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  1. There is much more! (just remembet to click “I’m feeling lucky” instead of just “search” – you have to turn off the autosearching) -Google Underwater -Google Gravity -Google Terminal -Tilt -Google Pond -Google Guitar (not sure if that was the name though, so it might not work) I’ll add more in an answer to this comment, cause there is more, I just don’t remember ;)

  2. If you try and send any emails or carry out any transactions or communication through Google then they steal all your data and sell it to the Prism, Tempora and N Korea Building 53 programs… Think about that before you start liking Google!

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