Google Self-Driving Cars Are Getting Smarter

Google released a video Monday showing its self-driving car software. The tech can detect cars, construction, cyclists, pedestrians and more. Follow Lauren Gores…

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  1. I see you want to go for a drive, please sign into Google+; if you don’t have one, would you like to create one? no Ok, we will remind you at the next intersection.

  2. As I said before, this will reduce traffic jams and collisions, and give time back to those who lack it. But will anybody be able to afford it other than the top five? Only a person born to wealth can have it. Some people cannot even afford a car or a smart phone due to the fact that they are unemployed. I haven’t had a job, so I have had neither a smart phone or an automobile. This says nothing about those who will lose their jobs when this results in the demise of bus lines and mass transit.

  3. Great, the software can detect hand signals from cyclists. Now all we need is for every cyclist to consistently signal every time they change lanes, turn or decide to blow through a stop light or stop sign without so much as hesitating.

  4. The elderly will appreciate this as it will allow them mobility. No more asking for rides. And i wont have to glare at them when they’re straddling 2 lanes. 

  5. To me self driving cars are not so mind-blowing. We have had it in games for a long time. It was just wiring it up to the gas, break and steering, and fitting sensors on the car to detect shenanigans on the road. Again, it was there already. We already had sonar and such things as those. Tho, i still find self driving cars funny and interesting. And also cute, for some odd reason.

  6. IMO the New Self-Driving TAXI Cab most outstanding feature will be The Shared Ride Mode.when you call your Automatic TAXI 24/7 service. a the Self Driving TAXI Cab will be dispatched to pick you up.however If you choose to “Shared the Ride” in your phone,its 10% off. now If someone else picks “Shared the Ride” the Self-Driving TAXI will combine the Trip with a 20% saving or up to 60% saving 3 other people. the Self-Driving TAXI works like an Elevator combined Trip & mapping shown in your phone in real time. TAXI Cab have up to 8 passengers. in a gondola car style cab with Elevator like double sliding door. 

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