Google Sells Motorola: Explained!

Everything you need to know about Android, Motorola, Lenovo, Google & the future! Google’s statement after buying Motorola:…

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19 Responses to Google Sells Motorola: Explained!

  1. Marques Brownlee says:

    New MKBHD Video is live! This should clear up a lot of info and shed light on these crazy moves in the tech industry. *Google Sells Motorola: Explained!* Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoy!

  2. Laurie Monk says:

    Interesting… view about the Motorola sale Google Sells Motorola: Explained!

  3. Dave Foster says:

    So nice to have this deal explained, and also very happy to hear that Samsung might just leave Android alone.

  4. Yewon2001 says:

    I don’t see myself buying a motorola anytime soon. Honestly I just don’t like their phones. They’re ugly they like to have that bump at the top of the phone which is hideous.

  5. Karthik Sankaran says:

    Good video! I’m glad you got that explained and reiterated in the best possible manner. I was increasingly getting pissed at people raging across the internet without thinking through it. Now it all makes sense and happened for the best of android ecosystem!

  6. Dhruv Rawat says:

    MAN IT WAS JUST TOO GOOD(Yes it was that good that I had to post it in caps on). Google acquired Moto,got patents from them->Dealt with samsung->Both came to the agreement that samsung would ditch touchwiz(I mean lower it down) and google would sell Moto to reduce competition for Samsung. And what I understood is the Patents google acquired from Moto,stays with Google.

  7. Justin Armstrong says:

    Now Motorola must change their Logo. 

  8. Allen Gonzalez says:

    does this mean the modular phone won’t be made?

  9. theminimalisto says:

    Google is a software company, they just pretended to be apple with motorola making hardware too and they failed miserably.

  10. madliena97 says:

    So do you think Motorola will still be completely on top of Moto android updates? I mean, 4.4 came the Moto X before it came to the Nexus 4! Do you think they’ll slow down in terms of updates now that there isn’t Google behind them? 

  11. speeddjs1 says:

    Google is trying to merge the world of electronics… MAYBE AFTER 10 YEARS GOOGLE MIGHT BOUGHT A PORTION OF APPLE???!!!!

  12. WeAreMovieMakers says:

    When I think of Lenove, I think of things breaking.

  13. The Blu Gamer says:

    No offense to this guy (I admire him), but he needs to gain some weight. Look at how thin his arms are.

  14. The Doc says:

    The question that comes to mind is: Will Samsung back off on the increased implementation of Touchwiz (TW) and/or stop making Tinzen? Honestly, I cannot see Samsung saying that people do not want TW; they are a huge seller of Android products and they have a lot of market sway. They might be in a position to tell Google that they will continue with their internal roadmap as they see fit. I own a Galaxy 3 and I think that the UI is a bit confusing; I do hope that they will stop layering on more proprietary apps onto the OS, but I am doubtful.

  15. Swede Montana says:

    What are patents?

  16. nochet2211 says:

    Google buy samsung and remove touchwiz UI awesome!! Pls do this.

  17. Exoime says:

    Isnt LG, Googles fav? Cause of the nexus?

  18. Bill Nye The Russian Spy says:

    When I first heard this I nearly flipped my desk, but after learned more, I’m glad they kept the patents and projects division and evened the playing feild. The S5 with not so touchwizzy android will be alot better. And Google will be able to mainstream Ara, I’m sure of that. Plus the 15,000 patents will stop Apple’s lawsuit rampage. All in all, everyone wins on Team Android!

  19. clinkit says:

    it’s pretty crazy how he can do an interview with the ceo of motorola with his bedroom in the background…

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