Google Seminars for Success – Explaining Quality Score

Google Seminars for Success - Explaining Quality Score

Google Seminars for Success explains how Quality Score is calculated and how it affects your AdWords campaigns.

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12 Responses to Google Seminars for Success – Explaining Quality Score

  1. ealtamira says:

    Is ther some newer info about QS?

  2. fivequotes says:

    thanks for sharing great vid like this one, very informative

  3. 1extenderpro says:

    means Hype ads will make higher cost. Is it?

  4. Dinesh Rudra says:

    thak you

  5. theviewcomment says:

    Still not fully convinced with this. Perhaps because it might be outdated from 2009. Will research your updates next.

  6. replysmi says:

    I’ve been confused by the quality score variations myself. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  7. sadarekaanjali says:

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  11. mrcretzu says:

    How this information will change the ADs? I think that all the advertisers will try to increase the CTR by inserting the KW as many times they can. This will reduce the quality of the ads. I my last test I found that If I have an AD in position 2 with a CTR =30% I will have a QS=10. When I lowered the ad’s position (pos 6) I got a lower CTR and guess what… QS=7. The same LP, the same ad, the same KW, the same bounce rate (18%). The same service for the user but not in Google’s eyes…

  12. ossie500 says:

    Good advice thanks

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