Google Sky Map for Android: Real Life Example!

Using Google Sky Map in the Android Market, I take a peek at two tremendously bright objects in the sky and attempt to use the application to identify them. What could they be? Watch to find out!
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21 thoughts on “Google Sky Map for Android: Real Life Example!

  1. this app proves the world wont end in 21.12.2012…reason being..according to mayan calendar..on that specific date all the planets should aline…but if you use the time travel feature of this will see..there is no such thing….

  2. We were using my niece’s phone last night to do this and it was amazing what it could tell you. Gotta love technology especially for ppl like me with little knowledge of astonomy. :o)

  3. People shouldn’t really say that Sky Map is wrong because of the way it functions. Just because you don’t know a lot about astronomy doesn’t mean you claim that it’s wrong.

  4. Another thing: its not because we knew already the sequence order of the planets we could say already that “this planet should come first, this bla bla bla so why am I seeing this first bla bla”, you should take into your mind that planets has an orbit, and the planet orbits doesn’t form perfect circle, some are oblongs so u can hear on the news that tom this planet could be seen from the sky and etc. ASTRONOMY is the most ineteresting subject for me LOLOL! just sayin

  5. OME ON GUYS: you can actually see planets from earth but they just look like stars, atmosphere in Mars and Venous, which are made of mostly nitrogen and hydrogen makes them glow like the stars in the skies. Actually Venus is the brightest planet you could see from earth… try reading astronomy books, i just don’t know if how accurate the Sky Map is :DD

  6. Are you retarted or what? I don’t ussualy insult people in comments, but you are a unique case. Except the fact that you are illiterate to some point, you failed to remark the sarcasm in that man’s comment.

  7. I try to search for mars and my phone just spins me around in circles, never finding the planet. My GPS is enabled and working, but it wont find Mars, the circle just keeps pointing me in circles. Also, many times i point my phone in different areas of the sky and it shows me the same stars, they cannot be everywhere, I doubt the accuracy of this app.

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