Google Splits, Microsoft Goes Free

Google Splits, Microsoft Goes Free
If you're concerned that the price of Google's shares has halved overnight, don't be. With the start of trading of its new Class C shares today (the ticker is "GOOG," inherited from the Class A shares, which now trade under "GOOGL"), Google has …
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Google Shareholder Votes Can Be Worth Less Than Zero
The latter are held almost entirely by Google's founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, giving them majority control of the company while owning just a fraction of it. If all the Class A shareholders voted against Page and Brin, they would still lose. So …
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Checking in with Google Fiber: Where (and when) will the first "fiberhoods
There has been a lot of speculation, but little actual news, since it was announced that Google Fiber would be coming to Austin in mid-2014. The high-speed internet service, which is being touted as "100 times faster than today's average" is currently …
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