Google Stock (GOOGL): A Breakout Is Coming

Google Stock (GOOGL): A Breakout Is Coming
Take a look at GOOGL's behavior over the past five years, and you'll find it's incredibly rare to see prices locked in such close quarters. Which leads us to one of two potential outcomes: Either Google stock has morphed into some staid, old utility …

Google DeepMind Teaches Artificial Intelligence Machines to Read
Today, that changes thanks to the work of Karl Moritz Hermann at Google DeepMind in London and a few pals. These guys say the special way that the Daily Mail and CNN write online news articles allows them to be used in this way. And the sheer volume of …
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Bits | Google Is Its Own Secret Weapon in the Cloud
Google is talking more openly about companies that use its cloud business, and revealing more about its computing resources, perhaps the largest on the planet. These include disclosures about Google's ultrafast fiber network, its big data resources …
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