Google Street View Car at Bishan

Google Street View Car at Bishan

Image by acroamatic
The car (an Opel Astra) was unmarked though. And the fancy equipment, as you can see, was under wraps.

Read Kevin Lim’s post about Google Street View in Singapore.

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12 Responses to Google Street View Car at Bishan

  1. acroamatic says:

    In unrelated news, I discovered that my cameraphone shoots at 300 dpi! Does Nokia really think that people are going to print their cameraphone photos? Even my Sony T200 produces photos at 72 dpi… the implication being that you’ll probably only view your photos from that camera on screen.

  2. smokeonit says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Google Street View Cars, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  3. smokeonit says:

    google blurs all faces and license plates, so no one has to worry as to be recognizable in a compromising situation…!!! google does this on their own, they don;t have to…

  4. smokeonit says:

    the dpi is not really saying anything about the real quality of the photo…

  5. acroamatic says:

    Yup, which is exactly why I pointed it out. Cameraphone photos aren’t good enough to be printed in most cases, so 300 dpi is overkill.

  6. smokeonit says:

    and 2 or 8Mpx in mobile phones are laughable… i see pix from iphones @ 2Mpx, and pix from nokias @ 5Mpx, both looks the same… consumers asking for more Mpx in the iphone have no idea what they’re talking about… unless the optics and the sensors get more space, not more Mpx, the quality will stay the same…

  7. smokeonit says:

    thnx for adding to the GSVC pool;-)

  8. smokeonit says:

    and there’s @ least 2 googlenettas on the road in singapore. this one is golden, the other one on CNET was silver… i think this unit just arrived in singapore… google SV drivers are under strict orders to cover the hardware when rain is on the horizon, or if they have to travel to a new city…

  9. smokeonit says:

    and singapore has already been scanned by skyhookwirless, which makes geo-location services possible. or for coveage map: the iphone uses WPS (wireless positioning services) to make fast locating of you own position possible, based on wifi beacons in the air. without the need to fire up your GPS;-). the iphone is the only smartphone right now that uses WPS. every manufacturer that uses WPS has to pay skyhook royalties for every unit sold…

  10. smokeonit says:

    blue is WPS scanned area:

  11. Dugfresh says:

  12. lir1 says:

    Love this photo! lir1 Junk Cars

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