Google Street View – Pan-American Trek – ‘Twas but a dream…

Google Street View – Pan-American Trek – ‘Twas but a dream…

Image by kevin dooley
Welcome to another set of images from my Pan-American Trek using Google Street View. We started in Deadhorse, Alaska, and have made our way through Alaska, the Yukon, and stunning British Columbia at the very northern end of the Rocky Mountain range, about 4400 km. Yet the next 155 km is the most stunning landscape encountered so far – Alberta Highway 93, otherwise known as the Icefields Parkway, or Promenade des Glaciers. At about the half-way you reach the pinnacle of the segment, the Columbia Icefields and the Athabasca Glacier, supposedly the most accessible glacier in North America.

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33 Responses to Google Street View – Pan-American Trek – ‘Twas but a dream…

  1. WayneG. says:

    The Icefield Parkway winds it’s way through some stunning scenery Kevin. This virtual tour is pretty good.

  2. c0gnate says:


  3. imagejoe says:

    INdEEd !!!!!!!!! FAV !!!!!!!!!! JOE>

  4. ramparts54 says:

    Great panorama – even a reflection!

  5. proof_by_contradiction says:

    Impressive panorama!!!

  6. Zé Eduardo... says:

    Great !

  7. Guylaine Begin says:

    Fabulous image.

  8. Shahriar Shahidi says:

    Kevin, very strong composition. And please feel free to look at my stream

  9. Andy Atzert says:

    Love the way this seems to unfold.

  10. the-father says:


  11. ΞSSΞ®®Ξ says:

    Fabulous panorama

  12. offroadsound says:

    I love the distorted lake with the cloud reflections, cool!

  13. Aðalheiður Guðmundsdóttir says:

    Very beautiful colors, great work

  14. Digisnapper says:

    Street View + Kevin = Art

  15. Carrie McGann says:

    Amazing scenery! Beautiful place to be!

  16. ilsebatten says:

    WOW look at you. I feel as though I have been on this journey with you.

  17. jotka26 says:

    your still around with your "spyware"? gee! I hate google…lol

  18. Rozanne Hakala says:

    the views are spectacular! Thanks for bringing them to us Kevin!

  19. bryanilona says:

    This is an invitation from Scenics, not just landscapes This picture is exceptional and we’d like you to post it to our group. If you’re not already a member, consider joinin g :o) Please tag your pictures "Scenics, not just landscapes!" (with the quotes)

  20. saudades1000 says:

    cool effect. love it!

  21. Good Will Hunting ~ I'll take the blame, if it´s says:

    beautiful goggles dream, indeed, it was …

  22. AreKev says:

    This is awesome !!

  23. peggyhr says:

    Fabulous as always, Kev!

  24. *Lie ... on & off ... ! says:

    This is just breathtaking , Kevin !

  25. aimeeern says:

    this is an amazing series, Kevin!

  26. Trinimusic2008 - Stay blessed says:

    Enjoy your long weekend, Kevin1 It is Family Day tomorrow, a holiday, in Ontario:)

  27. AmpaCar says:

    buenas composiciones. y estupendos procesados, Saludos. Carpe diem

  28. Rebecca Ang (AWAY) says:

    Scenic and very beautiful :) Wonderful image!

  29. Jeff S. PhotoArt says:

    Excellent work, well done! have a great week !

  30. david gutierrez [ ] says:

    great work

  31. Dirk Blij says:

    Wow, how did you do this?

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