Google Street View – Pan-American Trek – Welcome to Deadhorse, Alaska!

Google Street View – Pan-American Trek – Welcome to Deadhorse, Alaska!

Image by kevin dooley
Join me on a Pan-American journey from one end of the Americas to the other, using Google Street View! We’re starting today at the Prudhoe Bay, in the unicorporated town of Deadhorse, on the northern coast of Alaska, and we’ll heading south through Canada, United States, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, and Chile. I don’t know my exact path but I’ll be picking up the very northern tip of the Rocky Mountains and meandering through them on the way down. I suspect this may take a year or two, so buckle up…

You may be curious as to how I am actually doing my Pan-American Trek. Starting in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska on Google Maps, I go into “Street View”, which provides a 360-degree image of that particular spot on the road. I go down the road in Street View and look for interesting images. I’ll sometimes use the multiple camera angles to construct a panorama. I take a screen shot of the image and then import into my photo editing programs. Most of the time I will create two copies and change up/down the exposure on them, and then put the three together in HDR software. I like to keep the Google-specific marks as indeed it is their image, I am just finding it and artistically representing it (hopefully!). Hats off to the Google Street View drivers who did the really hard work to get this art.

About this image… we’re standing at the END of the Dalton Highway, Alaska 11, looking at Colleen Lake and East Lake Colleen Drive. The Beaufort Sea and Arctic Ocean is about 10km farther north.

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  2. Gran trabajo fotográfico y muy bien planteado en todas sus vertientes específicas, el procesado, la composición, colorido e interpretación del mensaje que transmite este gran trabajo, una realización digna de ser admirada y elogiada por su elaboración, enhorabuena por mostrarlo, saludos y abrazos. 🙂 Jabi. Felicidades por el EXPLORE.

  3. This is one cold arse place!! Most of the oil rush was here!! I lived in Alaska, but was never here!! Awesome pan and the work you did to get it!! Can"t wait to see your trip!!

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