Google Street View – Photographer gets blown away in Riga

Google Street View – Photographer gets blown away in Riga

Image by kevin dooley
Thanks for all the positive comments on the Google Street View series, and special thanks to Ming-chun who suggested trying HDR, which I’ve done with this set of images.

The background graffiti blows away a nearby photographer. Riga, Latvia. Original image from Google Street View.

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25 Responses to Google Street View – Photographer gets blown away in Riga

  1. Geo_grafics says:

    Who could argue ? Turned out Fantastic 😉

  2. Lady Smirnoff says:

    Another masterpiece :)

  3. WayneG. says:

    Certainly saves on air fares and jet lag. Nice work Kevin.

  4. omybeauty says:

    love all of these with the treatment … whatever it is! ! great for the subject matter, which is also interesting.

  5. c0gnate says:

    excellent work, love it! ~*

  6. imagejoe says:

    DOnE !!!!!! FAV !!!!!! JOE>

  7. David. K. Edwards says:

    Wow! This stuff is definitely new since I was last there ….

  8. ps70 ...,,.,., says:

    Excellent, boy

  9. JuanApo says:

    Good work Kevin.

  10. Sigüenza. says:

    Great shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Delta9 Mikki says:

    GREAT serie, kevin !! happy weekend !! :-)

  12. bryanilona says:

    Interesting murals – well captured.

  13. Brendan Ó Sé says:

    My old hometown – love Riga

  14. Guylaine Begin says:


  15. Jean-Pierre ARIBAU says:

    Série fabuleuse !!!!

  16. Book'em says:

    Very nice in pano!

  17. BG images says:

    I love this series, Kevin. And I love it more with your HDR treatment.

  18. AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora says:

    cool image! :)

  19. Dircinha - says:

    Wow… perfect!!!!

  20. ABUELA PINOCHO  says:

    Buena idea el uso del HDR, te está quedando una serie SENSACIONAL !!!

  21. xeniussonar says:

    You captured a lovely urban scene… Thank you for sharing

  22. Rambonp love's all the crea says:

    Splendid !!! Great capture friend !!! Have an enjoyable weekend !

  23. Kelvin Wong (aka PiscesRomance) says:

    The colour here is amazing my friend!stunning!

  24. marin.tomic says:

    nice format and colors

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