Google Surprising Secrets (Full Documentary)

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  1. mars37us says:

    This sounds similar to the Manhattan Project, Nerds running around making a lot of little things here and there not knowing the true purpose of what they’re making, until, BOOM! It blows up in our faces, and, we pay the price for their ignorance / arrogance, whenever a company ( or ) government beliefs it’s benign, benevolent and altruistic towards the people, will over time, become corrupt, greedy and over bloated with its own sense of self worth; A prime example of that, if it’s not clear already is our own government and any other government that tightens its grip on its own people. To them I say to all; Shame on you, hang your heads in shame for allowing corporations, lobbyist, and secret societies to plunder this country and other countries into darkness and fear.

  2. movies1239 says:


  3. HerosJourney86 says:

    This Doc still never talked about Google’s biggest secret involving YouTube. 

  4. lunar lies says:

    is it me ….or are they all gay looking and/or sounding? PS I don’t have a problem with gay people :-)

  5. Alexandre Gurchumelia says:

    The comment section seems to be so detached from the video that I’m going to post some Slayer lyrics here: Mankind in his insatiable search for divine Knowledge has discarded all biblical teachings Realizing that the strength of religion is the repression of knowledge All structures of religion have collapsed Life prays for death in the wake of the horror of these revelations It was never imagined how graphic the reality that would be known as the end of creation Would manifest itself We believe all this chaos and atrocity can be traced Back to one single event We hold these truths to be painfully self-evident All men are not created equal Only the strong will prosper Only the strong will conquer Only in the darkness of Christ have I realized God hates us all!

  6. diln chil says:

    hitler wanted to do great things and change the world….but soon obama biden will be the new hitlers 

  7. Joan Ton says:

    I just called my mother-in-law up (who sews wedding dresses but my boyfriend and I did not get married until my child was 9 years old while her daughter with her young baby was supposedly married before she supposedly finished college…..) and screamed, “Ma Hua!….Mop Gwa!…..So Gwa!…….I wasn’t a current psychiatric patient when I moved in with her while I was pregnant with her son’s baby……and then I raised other people’s children for several weeks, months, or years…..babysat….or whatever you like to call it….so my only child was raised as if a bastard child in a “daycare” or “orphanage”…..

  8. Samuel Poe says:

    Don’t be Evil? They wouldn’t and shouldn’t take a walk on the outskirts of public enemy number? You don’t get far by not being Evil. Not in a capitalistic society where you think of yourself. Google would not have become what it is, if they actually refused to deal with Evil. An excellent joke none the least. They don’t practice what they preach. Why do you think they are beyond wealthy? It was there in the late 1990s and they capitalized on an opportunity even Gates knew very well. However, Gates was already beyond wealthy then. It took two young students to cash in on an opportunity many were waiting to capitalize on. Sad thing is, they had every chance to, yet did not. Yahoo was very popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and they let it slide when they could have let it rise. And this is just one of more to come in the future. Yahoo proved it.

  9. Scot Duke says:

    If you haven’t seen this, it’s worth a watch. Google Surprising Secrets (Full Documentary) – YouTube Google Surprising Secrets (Full Documentary) #Stateof Search

  10. lunar lies says:

    one big commercial ad for google.

  11. farkdanarc says:

    im at 45:09 and still waiting for these so called “secrets” 

  12. xxxpyrosxxx says:

    Yeah “Don’t be evil”… and then scanning the mails of users for individual advertisement. Genious.

  13. Mike Jenkins says:

    Strange looking rich!

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