Google Tag Manager: Introductory Webinar

Want to focus on marketing instead of marketing technology? Google Tag Manager is a free tool that makes it easy for marketers to add and update website tags — including conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more—with just a few clicks, and without bugging the IT folks. It gives marketers greater flexibility, and lets webmasters relax and focus on other important tasks. Join Product Manager Laura Holmes for an introductory webinar on how to get started with Google Tag Manager.
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18 thoughts on “Google Tag Manager: Introductory Webinar

  1. Hi dear, Open FTP or Cpanel Open File Manager >> wp-content/themes/ then select the Theme the you are using Currently on your WP website/ blog then goto Header.php & paste the GTM Google tag manage code Before starting body Tag . thats it . DONE

  2. If you use the custom HTML tag, you can enter the Bing conversion code and it seems to work. We’ve been using it for a while. There are some installation instructions for the new version that we used from a blog over at Londes Digital Marketing

  3. Hi Laura, I noticed that there wasn’t a option available for e-commerce tracking. Is this something that’s going to come later or if the Tag manager is going to stay without e-commerce tracking?

  4. @Laura Holmes – Hi, as a freelancer I work with many web site but not only e-commerce sites, and I’m not sure I completely understand the Google tag’s method, is it good only to track thank you pages or campaigns? If I want to track how many people reach my landing page, what will I need to do? Because, until now, we used the Goals to track the activity, will the Google tags cancels the need of the goals?

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  6. Re: cross-domain tracking, we’re working on supporting _link() and _linkByPost() in the GA template very soon. However, you could use custom HTML in the mean time.

  7. Definitely wonderful if Google Tag Manager can establish conversion tracking in a few clicks and without bugging the IT folks. It takes a lot of communication to get the IT Department to install analytics on medium-size websites.

  8. Anyone got Bing conversions to work fully through GTM yet? Seems to be very little out there on blogs and help files about it. Our understanding is that the code needs to be modified somehow to pull value as well as just getting the code to fire. Any suggestions welcome. See the product forum for the discussion so far. (I would post the link, but can’t on here.) Just search ‘Getting Bing Ads working in GTM’ to find the forum. Cheers.

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