Google Tag Manager Technical Implementation Webinar

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that makes it easy to add and update website tags — including conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more—with just a few clicks. Following our introductory webinar (recording: this webinar dives into the technical details and best practices for how to implement Google Tag Manager. Recommended for IT or webmaster team members. Also see our implementation “cheat-sheet” at
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3 thoughts on “Google Tag Manager Technical Implementation Webinar

  1. Worth watching this video although it had taken my time for almost an hour. I like this part; Initializing the data layer (Demo Snapshot – starts 16.59/53.11). Easy viewing the TOTAL TAGS FOUND on each viewing page after I’ve installed Tag Assistant Toolbar for my Chrome. Thank you, Google.

  2. Not sure if this was mentioned but I’m curious to know when the Google Analytics template will include enhanced link-attribution additional code for in-page analytics. On a side note, since using GTM requires tags to be removed from the actual source code, a nifty tool to help locate tag locations in the code and generate a report to help the transition to using GTM. isTagInspector [dot] com; it can find all mktg, analytics and adwords tags on site, listing all tags firing and their locations.

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