Google targets wearables with Android Wear Google shows off the Android Wear software platform at its Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco. Google also revealed three watches that will use Wear: the…

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20 Responses to Google targets wearables with Android Wear

  1. Jay nut says:

    off subject but so sweet 

  2. ANDROiD_eKa says:

    Apple’s R&D team division for the iWatch looks at the “android wear” presentation and admits… “Oh shit, we have to start from scratch”

  3. Cowboy DEE says:

    These guys are such biters of apples stuff all they try to beat apple to the punch on shit no was doing or thinking off its so lame google glass is the only original thing the have done in the last 10 yrs that i can think of 

  4. Rani Hinnawi says:

    “…and it will be available later this summer.” Everyone: “Awwwwwwwww” That killed me xD

  5. FuzzleLand says:

    NOBODY, wants to check their heart rate just to find out what the number is. If you have a heart rate monitor it should continuously track our beats just like the steps and incorporate that into the number that actually means something, your calories. These stupid little heart beat snap shots are completely pointless.

  6. Zombeastsqurl says:

    Wow samsung just keeps screwing customers over. 

  7. wilbobagins says:

    Everyone holding out for moto 360.. LG G watch sales: 0 units 

  8. Simon5005 says:

    A sea of T-shirts and Hoodies………..get some style, you techy dorks. 

  9. Adrian Gordon says:

    Big Brother

  10. quarlic says:

    I was hoping that they announce something about google glass and it’s release date but this will do for now at least.

  11. God Lee says:

    Whst about motro360

  12. elitenate says:

    Guy: there are many more on the way. Apple? U hear that?

  13. Cale Wolf says:

    Android Wearr

  14. XxAssassinYouXx says:

    I think its safe to say that its the era of fitness. Because every phone has a fitness app.

  15. Hacker2090 says:

    quick question .. when i want navigation to someplace .. will it show navigation on the watch or open navigation in my phone 😀 ?

  16. Steven Branigan says:

    GPS capabilities?

  17. 1lokan says:

    OMG! YESSSSSS finally!

  18. SpikeImperial says:

    The people on androids side come with me cx (metaphorically) let us ignore apple and enjoy the future of tech. 

  19. Averroes Cordoba says:

    moto 360 looks slick and cheap. i hope it is cheap.

  20. Edward Leonard says:

    Showing off software N’ all but he isn’t very good at presentations :/ I might have to look into these I think. Pretty neat xD

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