GOOGLE THAT SH*T – Official Music Video (by Taryn Southern)

I make videos every Tuesday! Subscribe here: Download the song: Tweet the vid: Video Produced by: Steel Wool Media – Written by Taryn Southern Directed by: Jackson Adams Song Composed and Produced by: Jordan Palmer – MY AWESOME PANTS PRODUCTION TEAM Director of Photography: Alan Gwizdowski Production Designer: Jack Reed Producer: Brad Simpson Assistant Director: Brian Harris Assistant Camera: Frank Mobilio Key Grip: Alex Lizotte Gaffer: Jeff Kulig Behind the Scenes Photography – Mike Crowley Art Department: Natalie Groce Makeup/Hair: Jamie Blair MY AWESOME PANTS FRIENDS/TALENT Rhett and Link- Courtney Pants – Kaleb Nation – Ethan Newberry – Graham Mackie SPECIAL THANKS: Julia Allison for my wardrobe, Tom Funk for shooting me on his RED at Burning Man, Eric Galen for introducing me to Jordan, and so many more people! SECOND CHANNEL: IPHONE CHANNEL: If you like spongebob shorts, awkward singing, and random rants, subscribe! It allows me to invade your YouTube page EVERY WEEK! ALSO – liking, favoriting, playlisting, and/or tweeting my vids makes me feel more cool and less lonely, and gets you special brownie points, so thank you :) ______ TWEET ME! FACEBOOK ME! MY BLOG! MY IMDB! http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to GOOGLE THAT SH*T – Official Music Video (by Taryn Southern)

  1. ValkyrieScorpio says:

    Rhett and Link!! FTW

  2. Rodney Adkins says:

    oh i so google her to see who she was lol

  3. Hollywoodchef7 says:

    Taryn your awesome!! And you gave me shots ha ha

  4. ryansvicxX says:

    ur in epic chef !!! so now ur even more epic

  5. biolanty says:

    0:29 where have I seen that old guy before..? He looks familiar

  6. Yat To says:

    “google that shit, google that shit, dont ask me bitch just google that shit… google that shit, google that shit, dont ask me bitch just google that shit…” so difficult to remove it from my mind lolololollll~~~

  7. Blohupdoll says:

    Harley Morenstein brought me here.

  8. sh0rtaznant says:

    yeah fuck bing

  9. Jonah Vaughn says:

    That shits catchy

  10. TheLittleAdventurer1 says:

    Subscribed after three seconds.

  11. Frank Boisseranc says:

    WHERE IS CHUCK NORRIS? ! If I was google I would tell that guy that if Chuck Norris can see you, than you can see him. But if you cannot see Chuck Norris, than you might be only seconds away from death.

  12. BUNBUNZ yAnG says:

    You’re awesome

  13. victoriablackberry93 says:

    How do you come up with so many funny ideas :))??lol

  14. bglad09 says:


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