Google Thinks Too Small With World's Biggest Billboard

Google Thinks Too Small With World's Biggest Billboard
Last week I posted, “Clear Channel Unveils Largest Digital Billboard In The World – Now What?” I suggest that the idea for such a space needs to be as big as the space. This week Google launched the first creative idea in the largest billboard in the …
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Does Europe have the power to break up Google?
The EC re-opened its long-running antitrust investigation into Google's search and advertising business after Joaquin Almunia, then the EC's antitrust chief, received “very, very negative” responses from complainants to the proposed settlement unveiled …
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Google Pushed to Extend 'Forgotten' Requests to U.S. site
Google Inc. (GOOG) will have to change how it applies the right to be forgotten to its websites beyond the European Union under rules drafted by the EU's privacy chiefs. The guidelines also rebuke the owner of the world's most-used search engine for …
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