Google This! SEO, “Google My Business” and AdWords For Business Owners

Google This! SEO, “Google My Business” and AdWords For Business Owners
Event on 2015-06-22 07:00:00
Introduction: Search Engine Optimization, "Google My Business", and Google AdWords can all help your business to attract new customers, but understanding what your business needs to do to take advantage of them can be confusing and time consuming. As an entrepreneur, freelancer, start-up or local business founder, you are very often also your own webmaster, social media expert and advertising department – this workshop is designed to give you a straightforward plan that will help your business. What's Covered / What do I get? During this fast paced workshop, You will: Gain an understanding of what Google says about small/local business Learn about the factors that impact how your site will appear in Google search results Learn about tactics that you should avoid and what happens if you don't Learn about the kinds of tactics that won't backfire Develop your own step-by-step plan for improving the Search Engine Optimization on your business website Get an understanding of how to use the free tools available from Google to promote your business – "Google My Business" Learn about the Difference between AdWords Express and Adwords and how choosing the right service can save you money. Learn about the difference between the search network and the display network Learn about how AdWords can be an effective tool for promoting your business. Participants will receive: A guidebook with step-by-step instructions, and point-by-point tips for various types of businesses The latest revision of the Getting Brighter SEO Check List The Getting Brighter Guide to Google My Business Audience: Business owners that need help navigating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the free and paid services available from companies like Google to promote their business.   The ideal participant runs either a retail, service or home based business. Typically participants manage their own online profiles, website and social media and are looking for ways to improve how prominently they are featured in search engine results pages, on mobile devices as well as how to gain a competitive advantage using Search Advertising (Google AdWords). This workshop assumes a basic level of comfort with using the internet.

at The Vandenberg House
1400 Queen Street East
Toronto, Canada

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