Google timelapse: 28 Years Of The Earth From Space

Google timelapse: 28 Years Of The Earth From Space

10 May 2013 A glacier shrinks, a rainforest disappears and a major U.S. city expands before your eyes in the new Google Timelapse project. The partnership bl…
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13 Responses to Google timelapse: 28 Years Of The Earth From Space

  1. WeylandYutaniInc says:

    Humans are a virus, just look at the Amazon.

  2. patrick jackson says:

    no it isnt look at the amazon look at all of those trees people cut down thats not good cutting down trees means they breathe in less carbon dioxide so more goes into the atmosphere. did you read that air pollution does cause lung cancer and thousands of people have died because of it or are you just another ignorant human being.

  3. Y10Q says:

    so, global warming is bs. Those glaciers are at the same level today, as they were 30 years ago. They just melt some years, and other years they come back as if nothing happened. Humanity is a force of nature, just like rivers, trees, wind whatever

  4. durty636 says:

    malignant cancer to be exact!!!

  5. LucaZwag says:

    Google Search Engine Prototype Might-work-some-of-the-time-prototype that is much more up to date.

  6. Pluto Onyx says:

    humans are a disease. not only are we destroying our planet, we are destroying our future.

  7. RightlyCorrect says:

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  8. Martin Křivánek says:

    Cool. Sure. It is very cool to see how mankind wears out a planet. I would find much cooler if we could renew it at the same rate we’re destroying it.

  9. WARHEAD4201 says:

    very cool.

  10. A.F. Campise says:

    . . .to para-pharse the great Yogi Berra…..’if you come to a worm/black hole…..take it’

  11. trew ten says:

    everything and every one on earth will and must die at one point, by protecting mother earth and saving our resources will only slow it down, but at the end it is already pre destined for this sinful world to end! the bright side there is a better, cleaner, happy place for us all on the other side.

  12. Bricks Brando says:

    We build shit to survive and make life better. As well you say we do not care about other living things? You must be speaking about the evil people. And you should really stop consintrating on the bad people.

  13. SApsycho714 says:

    Viruses are alive to bro! and humans build shit only for own own benefit and to the detriment of every other living thing. Sounds like a virus to me.

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