Google to report driverless car accidents going forward

Google to report driverless car accidents going forward
SAN FRANCISCO – Google will begin reporting incidents encountered by its driverless-car program on a dedicated website, the search company announced Friday. Google had been taken to task recently when reports surfaced that its fleet of self-driving …
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Startup Unleashes Its Clone of Google's 'Knowledge Graph'
This, says Google, is how your Android smartphone will soon work, thanks to a new service called “Now on Tap.” An extension of the company's Siri-like digital assistant, Google Now, the service will identify what's happening on your phone and pull in …
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Beyond Google Earth, How One Company Wants to See the World in 3D
Maps in two dimension are a thing of the past – or so say the engineers behind Vricon, a new 3-D mapping tool. Developed as a joint venture between Saab Group, a Swedish aerospace and defense company, and DigitalGlobe, a purveyor of high resolution …
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