Google Translate App Review – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

My app review over Google Translate for the iphone, ipodtouch, and ipad. Google Translate is a free application that allows you to either translate with voic…
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16 Responses to Google Translate App Review – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

  1. Gabriel Lau says:

    It’s me only or what? :  Google translate app in iPhone 5 doesnt work in Full screen, it shows the screen size of iphone 4

  2. justin harvey says:

    Does it work on YouTube video’s

  3. Deirdre Jessica McLoive says:

    You said your really good at tec stuff I have asked so many people a very puzzling thing and no one can figure it out. So I you feel like a challenge I’ll tell you and see if you can figure it out. I would like to do it somewhere not so public if you say yes. Please let me know. Thank you!

  4. 100001091057100001 says:


  5. phoenixbluex says:

    disappointed they don’t have cantonese.. hate how these apps just say chinese but not mandarin or cantonese

  6. OishiiNihongoNoAme says:

    This app is terrible. The mic doesn’t even respond to words correctly when I speak both English and Japanese.

  7. TheWeatherstormer says:

    I’m wondering how late is google translate?

  8. Julie Hill says:

    I am using my toshiba laptop with the app. I do legal paperwork in a clients home. They are spanish speaking. Is there an exterior mic I can purchase and insert on side of laptop so client can speak into it the answers to my questions I type out in english? my headset and mic only let me hear, I cant find a ‘speak’ function for the app, on my computer…. need to have a functional mic option.. can you help?

  9. coolguy6378 says:

    needs wifi though

  10. terrieedotx11KI says:

    I win iphone just now!Say chesse!I’ve paly its powerful camera funtion. hkUq

  11. thefeeloftherush says:

    i have an ipod touch 3g. i dont want to use the speak translate feature, but when i type in my text and hit the button that plays the text out loud, it wont play. I have iOS 1.3.0 which is needed for google translate, or so it says, and i cant figure out why it wont speak what i type. please help

  12. Jellythedog02 says:

    Does this need wifi?

  13. Amit Apollo Barman says:

    i got more sharing features in my app: My new app now available @ the app store. translate+ is the best trans. utility with over 60 languages, text to speech, and sharing features. Only 99 cents!

  14. iguitardude2744 says:

    @2damax7 If you have an iPod Touch. First make sure that it is the fourth generation because, that is the only one with the mic. The mic should automatically connect with the app. Also, make sure that you click the voice icon in Google Translate. Other then that, if you got your ipod touch used it may have had a mic problem. If those dont work you can try holding the power and menu button and rebooting your device. I hope this helps you. Have fun with your iDevice!

  15. 2damax7 says:

    First of all, great review. It got me downloading the app and trying it out, but it didn’t work correctly for me. I’m new to the ipod touch, just got one as a gift last week. How do you get the ipod to recognize your voice? Mine is not picking up my voice. Do you have to turn the mic on somewhere? Your help would be appreciated greatly.

  16. iguitardude2744 says:

    Thank you for the help and comment :) Its much appreciated!

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