Google Translate App Review

Google Translate App Review


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  1. Jono Wallwork says:

    Does the app work if you have no internet/wi-fi connection?

  2. club123ist says:

    Launched yesterday: A great free dictation app for iPhone or iPod, Voice Texting Pro. It lets you speak out anything and send it to your email, sms, facebook or twitter. Or to any other app, using copy/paste. AppStoreLink :ht tp://­oice-texting-pro/id542300792?m­t=8

  3. magus5200 says:

    and there it says OHLAH! XD

  4. Amit Apollo Barman says:

    need to get translate+ in the app store. Has the best translation features by far.

  5. EKHOWTOsFILMS says:

    can i download that 

  6. TedsTechTalk says:


  7. AppGeekReviews says:

    Nice video, Ted!

  8. g0gurtX says:

    ikr Epicness

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