Google Translate Conversations Mode Demo

Only a few days ago Google released a new version of Google Translate, and, as we told you, it adds a great new feature – Google Conversation Mode. It’s only an alpha build, but nevertheless it gives us the chance to get our first taste of it … For more details, check out our page:
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19 thoughts on “Google Translate Conversations Mode Demo

  1. Dear YouTube, The Like/Dislike system, I can live with. I’ve gotten used to it now. The new comment layout, fine with me. But THIS, is just too much too take! The front page has completely lost it’s organised, simple layout! I don’t know where you get your ideas, but I think I speak for a big part of the community when I say “YouTube, go F*ck yourself.”

  2. The translation is being done by the same servers that offer translations on The approach used is statistical in nature, and works best if the input text has proper punctuation, which presents a problem when speech is transcribed automatically, as question marks, commas, etc. might be missed.

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