Google Translate | One Direction – Little Things

Google Translate | One Direction - Little Things Hellooooooooo! Today/The day before we came up with a really cool idea for a YouTube video! The principal is, that we get a son…
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21 Responses to Google Translate | One Direction – Little Things

  1. drippi9 says:

    Can you do this with other songs to?

  2. drippi9 says:

    Youre not that bad

  3. Ella Hurley says:

    2) you are both really cute

  4. Ella Hurley says:

    1) you can sing

  5. directioner908 says:

    I love you both!!

  6. dell lane says:

    This is so great omg :)

  7. Lucy Chad says:

    1:19 my country. I hate it here. But this video is awesome!:D:)

  8. zzzsleepizz says:

    Genius. My god. I can’t stop laughing xDDD

  9. Emma Murdoch says:


  10. licydoll says:

    Omg u 2 r sooooo good! This is super cute! Xx

  11. Samamtha Joseph says:

    u guys can srsly sing!!!!! 

  12. cassieskins1 says:

    so i did a thing and “I do not let little things in her mouth” wat

  13. Alex Kimberly says:

    i love this so much, I am laughing so hard!! c: and you guys are cute! (:

  14. Tieran Rosefield says:

    Haha you guys are great. I honestly can’t stop laughing. Keep it up:)

  15. AbSheard says:


  16. MishasOfficial says:

    I’m laughing so hard. God, you guys are amazing. Great Idea. P.s you’re really great singers xx

  17. Ann Thomas says:

    I literally could not stop laughing! 😀 Great video!

  18. Lilo Paynlinson says:

    your great singers!!

  19. Lizzie Livanos says:

    its funny how gross and vain that sounded hahahahaha xx

  20. Geoffrey Richard says:

    Brilliant…….every now and again you should do more of these vids…like translate Thursdays once a month or something

  21. Chloe Merrygold says:

    U r amazing at singing!

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