Google Translate singing ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga

“Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, covered by Google Translate. Google™ and Interscope Records are in no way affiliated. Music and lyrics property of Interscope Records, vocals property of Google™. Download Google Translator’s album “The Singles, Vol. 1″
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21 Responses to Google Translate singing ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga

  1. LastYearsRegrets says:

    She butchered the french part, like that wasn’t even language :O

  2. emily daniel says:

    i get it… stephen hawking uses google translate to talk!!!

  3. IanEduardoMeneses says:

    Stephen Hawking.

  4. pikashelbychu25 says:

    Lol capital him hey hey hey hey lol

  5. emireechan says:

    Obvious typo, idiot.

  6. iDoogle3097 says:

    dont be a drag just be a queen LOL

  7. emireechan says:

    Hass more emotion and talent than the original.

  8. HausOfAdriiann says:

    oooo yeeess you could just feel the passion in this

  9. karaleexo12 says:

    you go, google translate. don’t let bing change you. you were born this way.

  10. mzbieberfeiver85 says:

    ” listen to the united states” LOL its ” Listen to me when i say ” hahahaha translate audio

  11. dvalred says:

    dont be dont be dont be

  12. ederondotcom says:

    transcribe audio, 154: capital H-I-M = appalachia /o

  13. Silvermoth2 says:

    Ha, this was great. I was tempted to sing along

  14. iDJMIXTRESS says:

    I find this version more interesting than the original :)

  15. FrazzleAndTheWolf says:

    Cause you were born this wee. Beybee.

  16. UberepicQuel says:

    Better then the bloody original.

  17. I Must Flame says:


  18. theluxurious says:


  19. sarnochapa1 says:

    do trabscribe captions

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