google translate

google translate

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Google Translate has a voice for German, but not for Finnish. But still, this could help me in Finland.

3 thoughts on “google translate

  1. Sie sprechen Deutsch? I was in Finland when I was very young. Many people speak English all over Scandinavia… at least well enough to help you find some beer. Have fun.

  2. Nur ein bisschen Deutsch! When I was in Poland many years ago my German got much better after some slivovitz. However, my Polish never improved. I suspect my Finnish won’t be any better!

  3. Never had slivovitz, but I had a friend from Krakow who had something like 100 proof vodka. I never learned any Polish either, but learned a lot about Solidarity and the transition days. Good glass of tea later too… I’ve never been to Poland. It must have been amazing. There are some good LIS programs there and all over Scandinavia.

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