Google Translator Toolkit

An introduction to Google Translator Toolkit, a free, online, translation app that helps translators bring content into their language faster and better.
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24 Responses to Google Translator Toolkit

  1. Ghea zhe says:

    great fiture on google translate 😀

  2. Shkarface Noori says:

    i want to create an offline translator , if you want to help , just message me to include your language , 1m use my translator in my country

  3. nicholai40 says:

    Nice. Eventually there will be a universal translator like in Star Trek. I wonder if it will work on really hard to understand slang language?

  4. royal hock says:

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  5. vinsbg1 says:

    Just imagine after 15 years how improved will be google translator. I think in 15-20 years language barrier will be down .. and we will able to read/understand everything on the web sites just with one click “translate”..

  6. lx4501996 says:

    why it dose not have all the languages like Cambodian?Please help.

  7. KyleVincentPedro says:

    i know im not fool


    i shold like traducttion mi blogger humberto bustos fernandez

  9. bjan999 says:

    So bad! One point is important and is run over in half a sec. How do you find the doc you want to translate. It should be obvious, it is not! neither when you enter the site, neither after watching this. Is Google growing to big? Let the young app masters show the way. Hopeless home pages have been boasted by excellent aps thanks to young new people who know what intuitive logics mean.

  10. NewKeepSharing31 says:

    I had first heard of this tool 😀

  11. RoastLambShanks says:

    Its a shame you cant speak english though isn’t it.

  12. bemyart90 says:

    Since it’s a scanned version, the file is not supported. You should upload the .doc or .txt file. Hope it helps!

  13. maus15778 says:

    luek om te weten

  14. ElGnacko says:

    Now I know where all these crappy manuals come from.

  15. myrddinistheshit says:

    he does not look like a jeff.

  16. TheLiliming says:

    I scanned a document written in Chinese and then tried uploading from a local file. I did just as this video said and instead I got this: (Sorry, we do not currently support this file type. Please check our supported file types in our Help Center and try again.) Has anyone encountered this same problem? Please help, :(

  17. KyleVincentPedro says:

    صاشف فاث بعؤن شقث غخع يخهىل اثفث تشسايت اشتسي نشتهصثتيسبؤ شسيا

  18. KyleVincentPedro says:

    i can speak all languages all countrys because im study in dictionary whatever dictionary

  19. landuogui808 says:

    cant see how to down load ??????

  20. jugige says:

    translators never go right. once, i put in a chineese sentence and it says: squirt juice bug ten

  21. MyGm9 says:

    เหลืออีก  อักขระ ตกลง ยกเลิก หรือ โพสต์

  22. MyGm9 says:

    บทความเกี่ยวกับความช่วยเหลือ › ใช้ Google แปลเครื่องมือ › ความทรงจำแปล glossaries และ Placeholders › Custom รูปศัพท์ Custom รูปศัพท์ Google แปลเครื่องมือสนับสนุนกลุ่ม-อัพโหลดของคำศัพท์เพื่อใช้กับการแปลของคุณ. ศัพท์นี้ควรจะเก็บไว้ในจุลภาคค่าแยก (CSV), UTF-8 รูปแบบแฟ้มต่อไปนี้ด้วยแถวและคอลัมน์: แถวส่วนหัว

  23. BhushanBhau1 says:

    Please,also add ‘Marathi’ language to it. It is the 3rd most language used in ‘India’ It can help to communicate much more peoples with others who does not know Marathi…………….

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