Google wants to write your Facebook posts for you

Google wants to write your Facebook posts for you
Writing pithy posts that people will like on social media is hard: Every company in the world hires social media experts for that very reason. But a new patent from Google might have the answer for those of us who need help crafting our posts about the …
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See the Chicago River Without Getting on a Boat, Now on Google Street View
“Google's Street view river will allow people of all ages to discover the river, see what it really looks like, and figure out how they can use the river themselves,” Hartman said. “This easy to use navigational tool is like a boat ride down the …
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Google Designs Peppery Doodle To Observe Wilbur Scoville's 151st Birthday
To honour Mr Scoville for his achievements and success Google sketched a doodle and outlined a game for him on his 151st birthday. The doodle has Wilbur Scoville standing in the middle holding a red-hot pepper in his hand. The background of the doodle …
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