Google Web Designer Demo

Watch a high-speed demo of ad creation using Google Web Designer. Comment on the video below or submit feedback in our beta forum:…

23 thoughts on “Google Web Designer Demo

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  2. Just downloaded it and look forward to trying it out. I’ve tried similar products in the past, but because it’s Google, I personally am certain I will enjoy using this above the others – especially as the team defines and improves it. Thanks Google!

  3. I’ve install Google web designer on my Win7 laptop( intel i3, 4GB RAM), it told me the soft has been installed, when i lunch the application, only got a blank window…

  4. Cool! But I’ve tried to install it on my iMac and it asks me for a newer version of my OS so.. I guess I’ll have to wait until a more broadband version comes out 🙂

  5. Hi Satoshi, We have a few demos that review creating ads, one for Interstitial with multiple pages as well as an Expandable Ad set of videos. Please check them out and let us know what you think! thx jaz Jasmine Rogers Program Manager, Google Web Designer

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