Google Webmaster Tools +1 Metrics Gone

Google Webmaster Tools +1 Metrics Gone
They said in late September, that +1 Reports in Webmaster Tools is also going away on November 14th. They wrote: We introduced +1 Reports in Webmaster Tools to help publishers measure +1 activity on their pages. Given that webmasters now use Social …
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Major Security Breach to Google Webmaster Tools Accounts
Early last week, a security breach was discovered in Google Webmaster Tools that allowed those who once had access to certain sites to be able to access them again, and dozens of site owners were reporting changes to their sites that they had not made.
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Google's New Disavow Tool Offers Online Businesses a Potential Clean Slate
If your website has ever been connected to linkspam, you may have received a message through Google's 'Webmaster Tools' regarding “unnatural links” pointing to your site. Google sends this message when they see evidence of sites using link schemes …

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