Google with Recipe View

Recipe View is a new search feature that allows you to find recipes from across the web. This new search feature allows you to narrow your search results to …

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17 Responses to Google with Recipe View

  1. claypool0 says:

    What is good way to save recipes to google drive?

  2. Gigi Johnson says:

    How do I save this recipe?  I am going to look at the search site again.

  3. Lily Grozeva says:

    Google has it all.

  4. Abhinav Madahar says:


  5. aloluk says:

    Yeah, something as basic as recipes and only the US thinks they need it!

  6. Michael Sandoval says:

    Yeah, he designs the menu for the chefs that cook in Google’s offices.

  7. ChocolateBaconWaffle says:

    googlestore com is the official store for google. Has t-shirts and everything. :)

  8. FoodSummit says:

    Very creative! 😀

  9. Alex King says:

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  10. LoseWeightLookFab says:

    will this feature be coming to the UK??

  11. Der Zurechtweiser says:

    Verdammt ist der putzig…

  12. Adriana M says:

    This applies only in the USA. Unfortunately not all of us can benefit of so many features, especially when it comes to recipes and cooking.

  13. Andreas Lindhé says:

    Google! Y U no launch cool stuff outside US?????

  14. TastyPancakeRecipes says:

    I wish the airlines would use this tool before serving meals on the plane!

  15. VandaFonu says:

    The recipe view is really useful for Food Enthusiast.

  16. recetasdecocinafacil says:

    Teniendo esa cocina a mí también me gustaría cocinar! 

  17. Linh Hoàng says:

    This is why i love Google

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