Google X: Secret lab for 'moonshot' research

Google X: Secret lab for 'moonshot' research
In a rare public speech, Google Inc. CEO Larry Page once suggested the tech industry needs "safe places where we can try out new things" without rules or interference. Some people thought he was describing a futuristic fantasy, perhaps a remote desert …
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Google Unveils Software for Smartwatches-to-Be
Google is taking its fight with Apple to the wristwatch. The search giant on Tuesday unveiled Android Wear, a version of Google's Android operating system software that is tailored specifically for wearable computers, starting with so-called smartwatches.
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Twitter'dan sonra Google DNS'leri de mi engellendi?
google-public-dns Biliyorsunuz Twitter'ın engellenmesinin ardından Google'ın DNS'leri ön plana çıkmıştı. Kullanıcılar ve IP'li DNS'lerle Twitter'a erişimlerini sürdürdüler. Bu sabahtan itibaren ise bu DNS adresleri tamamen kullanılamaz …
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