Google Zeitgeist: 2013年を振り返ろう

2013年。みんなが検索したものを振り返ろう。 Google Zeitgeist Music: “Feels like coming home” by Jetta Additional footage provided courtesy…

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25 Responses to Google Zeitgeist: 2013年を振り返ろう

  1. 이정우 says:

    I hope Japanese sincerely face what they did in the past and apologize to Chinese,Koreans and other victims from Southeast Asia for numerous atrocities committed by themselves in a new year 2014.

  2. Mitsugu Ueno says:


  3. FunnyFilms0704 says:

    I kind of like this better, but the other one had Heisenberg.

  4. 滕冀鋒 says:

    Isn’t it ironic that there isn’t a video about the most searched keyword being “sex” or anything related to it?

  5. LEI ZHANG says:

    could someone tell me the name of the background music, it’s amazing!

  6. Shinichiro Ozaki says:

    what is the song name?

  7. SHUN TAP says:

    0:24 TAP JAM CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. LI YUN says:

    now i believe that google is making the world change.

  9. Hiroyuki Inoue says:


  10. EpicFunnyJPNMan says:

    people is amazing ! ;D

  11. Ga Ja says:


  12. Y UI says:

    good bye 2013.

  13. BRYGONES says:

    You’ve got the Best Version ! 😉 (Other Version: US, UK, Deutschland, France)

  14. 加藤保之 says:


  15. HIRO AMANOGAWA says:

    I hope the miracle of next year Image rejection of comfort women Yasukuni Shrine respect for freedom Removal of anti-Japanese education in neighboring countries

  16. ┏┛YoutubeJapan 公式チャンネルの墓┗┓v(^o^)vドヤッ says:


  17. Daniel Sangorrin says:

    why is it so hard to let users choose their language or the country they want to see

  18. RequiredSkate0 says:

    More then the american version

  19. ㈲ダイヤモンドコンサルティング says:


  20. Yoshifumi Iwano says:

    This is Japan Version. Google Zeitgeist 2013.

  21. ASISKI says:

    hello. is there a tutorial for this? 0:16-0:21? 

  22. Google Japan says:

    2013 年もあとわずか。今年はどんな一年でしたか? Google では本日、2013 年の検索ランキングを発表しました。 こちらのサイトでは様々なカテゴリーで日本のみならず、世界で今年もっとも検索されたキーワードや、今年一年を検索で振り返る動画も公開しています。是非ご覧ください。 #Zeitgeist2013

  23. Alberto Esteban says:

    Zeitgeist para Japon. Curioso

  24. Shingo Kanao says:


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