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  1. YaPEX says:


  2. JrGMontero says:

    juasjuasjuasjuas….. it’s cool !!!

  3. Design By Jenn says:

    Wow! very nice :)

  4. Stephaniedancer says:

    That’s neat! — [discovered in the Assignment: Houston (#21 Places of Worship) photophlow room] (?)

  5. djin13 says:

    Exckusive video here: exclusive-video.110mb.com/video.php?v=google_lego

  6. zedlafor says:

    Did you build the logo for google?? Cause I have a google logo as a icon of mine :) picked it up from google index page-hihi. rofaldez

  7. ~*Caroline*~ says:

    Wow! Thats amazing! What inspired you to do that?

  8. L.Mercatanti says:

    I use this image in my blog: http://www.luca-mercatanti.com

  9. BrianChappell says:

    This is really cool.

  10. jooooproot says:

    sin palabras… como te lo has currado

  11. glaak says:

    Keso – I took this picture, not you. I was also one of the creators of the Google lego logo. Please update this picture with a link to technologywoman.com and a note that I, not you, am the creator. You are welcome to verify that I am the creator as follows: * Original post on Google Talk’s blog: googletalk.blogspot.com/2006/03/lego-logos_06.html (note that it is signed by me) * Article on my blog about it: http://www.technologywoman.com/2006/03/lego-logos.html If this is not done, then I will report you to flickr for copyright infringement.

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