GoogleApps / Google App Engine

GoogleApps / Google App Engine

Image by davemc500hats
Google App Engine: very impressive.

probably should have been built about 1-2 years ago… but still, good shit.

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3 Responses to GoogleApps / Google App Engine

  1. ulfur says:

    Good shit indeed… I just had to comment as I thought you were saying it was outdated shit 😛 But yeah, would have been awesome 1-2 years ago… still it’s just another piece to the puzzle GAE, AWS, Flickr API et al. P.s. just found this while googleing "Google App Engine Flickr API"

  2. egorick says:

    found this googling "flickr app using google apps engine". Does this mean there is no such thing yet? wow

  3. @HandstandSam says:

    Top Result for "flickr appengine" on Google.

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