Google's Analytics 360 Suite just changed the game

Google's Analytics 360 Suite just changed the game
For the past 48 hours, all marketers have been talking about is the launch of Google's Analytics 360 Suite, six products designed to help large brands better unify and syndicate marketing and advertising data across all channels. But while the launch …
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Apple turns to Google for help storing some iCloud accounts
Apple Inc. and Google Inc. have publicly fought each other over patents, privacy protections and the attention of app-makers. But they've also colluded in the past to not poach each others' workers, shared revenue from Google searches on iPhones, and …
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Google's 'Chief Evangelist' Gives Unusual Talk to Cubans
A legendary computer scientist known as Google's chief Internet evangelist has delivered an unusual talk to Cuban officials in a sign of warming relations between the U.S. technology giant and the Cuban government days before President Barack Obama …
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