Google's April Fool's prank inadvertently broke their security

Google's April Fool's prank inadvertently broke their security
As part of its traditional series of April Fool's day jokes, Google used its own .google gTLD to launch a backwards version of its home page from the domain on 1st April. However, this year's joke inadvertently undermined an important …
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Google Acquires 'Tilt Brush' Developer and Thrive Audio to Add to VR Team
Google has today announced that it's acquired two VR companies to add to its growing internal virtual reality team: Skillman & Hackett, the studio behind Tilt Brush, and Thrive Audio. Skillman & Hackett, winners of the 'Best GUI' at the 2014 Proto …
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'Hackers racked up $ $ $ $ s via the Android Play Store, and Google won't pay me
A California woman is suing Google, alleging hackers exploited the ad giant's inadequate security to run up thousands of dollars in charges on her Play Store account. Susan Harvey, of Orange County, also accuses Google of refusing to reimburse her, and …
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