Google’s Artificial Intelligence Plans

Following Google’s purchase of leading Artificial Intelligence firm, DeepMind, the Internet collectively wondered what this has to do with all those robotics…
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16 Responses to Google’s Artificial Intelligence Plans

  1. What's the Big Deal? says:

    For what it’s worth, we’re open to other celeb-voiced intelligent operating systems. Just sayin

  2. Revision3 says:

    A quick update on Google and what it may have planned for artificial intelligence development

  3. java575 says:

    AI robots the new flying cars

  4. David Nicholson says:

    Ok I’m officially creeped out. That guy around the 1:21 mark sounds just lik Arnold right after Annie talked about super computers solving problems at NASA.

  5. Wolfproductionz says:

    tim again.

  6. CmdrSloanne says:

    When they have an A.I like Selma from the 90’s tv series:Time trax then i’m signing on to it. might program her to look like Sheena Easton or you Annie if you give permission.hahahaha can’t wait to see that movie her. reminds me of the 80’s movie Electric Dreams.

  7. Zectric says:

    I love the move “Her”. So good :3

  8. 22calum22 says:

    Arnold… Arnold Schwarzenegger.. is that you?

  9. Mad Masa says:

    please STOP IT!!!

  10. Randy Lantz says:

    The future WILL be interesting. 

  11. samramdebest says:

    commercial available quantum computer? Then everybody can buy one, that means the end of public key encryption and thus the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. socksandtea says:

    I miss TFN, Pick Your Poison, etc…. How long more does this show have? 

  13. mirg z says:

    so…..your saying I won’t be able to have GLaDOS as a girlfriend anytime soon? 

  14. campkira says:

    Sky Net!!!???

  15. wraith0127 says:

    I just have 2 words, “Don’t panic.” Some might get it, most won’t.

  16. Maleblade says:

    Annie,you are looking soooo good. :) Maybe Google will create an AI Annie that could be a Second Life companion. I found an AI dancing at Grimly’s Bloodbath & Beyond Zombie Apocalypse (nude) on Second Life that converses pretty well.

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