Googles dark side – google conspiracy

Googles dark side - google conspiracy

the conspiracy- what does google get up to with all that info? what do u think of this video? check out my music here: google conspiracy nwo new world order government corruption evil powers control satan reptilian
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18 Responses to Googles dark side – google conspiracy

  1. Javier Guerrero says:

    So what if google know everything about you, its just to make your life more cool than it already is. Anyways the government could easily find your info from your schools,job,or hospitals. This video is fucking stupid lol just get really high kick back and enjoy the world of Google or better said your world google

  2. officegunner Godknows says:

    Google scans mails to provide accurate text ads- all mail services scan mail for suspicious spams of illegal content. Google servers are given to scientists to map the human genome(it all started when Sergey himself had parkinsons) whats more he even gave out his own genetic information for research! Great men, great purpose, do no evil.

  3. Westley Viau says:


  4. Lebron9898teamo says:


  5. superchunkylover23 says:

    Just use AdBlock.

  6. ma1alos says:

    I dont care if people know the i watch porn

  7. bobthemagicseacow says:

    The point is that none of this is true and we aren’t becoming slaves by using google.

  8. kuntyfacedbitch says:

    you missed the point, LMFAO your an idiot.

  9. MrGabbehz says:

    somebody obviously didn’t read the google’s privacy policy

  10. mocapoable says:

    What do we have to hide the world is changing and google is part of it

  11. annunaki2060 says:


  12. upthecup says:

    hate it just cause of the way u sed privacy

  13. bobthemagicseacow says:

    Ilolz u do reelize that i dunt search for anything ILLEGALL. and doo u even reelize what SLAVE MEENS??????? But seriously so what if people like you don’t want the website to know if I searched up the word “dog.” Plus they aren’t enslaving us, they just know what we searched for on THEIR website. Also, learn grammar “kuntyfacedbitch.” PS: None of this stuff has been proven.

  14. yardena helou says:

    google are controled either by aliens or cyborgs.they terminated my accout twice for no reason at all.always correct with my account,not even a single step out of the line.sent them many messages 0 reply.the truth is these people use pretty much everyone and don`t give a shit!

  15. MrSunnyyangyang says:


  16. kuntyfacedbitch says:

    this gives them control, you all don’t care. but you will see. you will see i promise.

  17. kuntyfacedbitch says:


  18. kuntyfacedbitch says:

    lol you will see, you don’t mind cusz you are brainwashed. it just gives them more CONTROL. control control your just another SLAVE, another slave. thats all you are. you don’t care but you will see when you are not free

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