Google's fat wallet pushes Microsoft around

Google's fat wallet pushes Microsoft around
Google, which has amassed more than $ 65 billion in cash and investments from its essential monopoly in online search, bought critical parts of Softcard for an undisclosed sum this week. Softcard was created in 2010 by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon to …
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I have seen the future of search, and it isn't Google
We are so used to Google search—its interface and format—that we rarely question it these days. After all, it always gives us the answer, right? Whatever you're looking for, just type it into the browser bar (you don't even need to go to …
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Google chief economist: Don't fear the robots
Google chief economist Hal Varian says that we're grossly underestimating the productivity benefits we're getting from robots and other forms of automation. Speaking at a Churchill Club forum in San Francisco last night alongside Paul Thomas (Chief …
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